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We recommend not to use Dropbox, Google Docs, iCloud or other cloud based solutions when dealing with corporate (UM/azM/MUMC) data.

Students should connect to the wifi network 'eduroam', and UM workers can also choose the wifi network 'UMnet'.

First, be sure you have the latest iOS Software Update installed. Check the latest version here.

If your iPad still runs on 'older' version of iOS, start iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPad to it.
When iTunes opens, select your iPad under Devices in the Source List on the left (as shown below).

iTunes checks if there is an update, and ask what you want.
If you choose to update 'Download and Update'), just wait and follow the instructions.

Do NOT disconnect your device until updating has completely finished.

iOS 5 and up can update itself, without the need of iTunes.
Just go to Settings - General - Software Update to see if there is an iOS update.

Connecting to one of the UM's wireless networks
To connect your iPad with the wireless networks 'Eduroam' or 'UMnet' follow the steps (1-4) below.
Off course, Wi-Fi should be 'on' on your iPad.
1. Tap on 'Settings' on your iPad

Tap on [General]
Tap on [Network]
Tap on [Wi-Fi]
In the list available wireless networks:
Select [UMnet] or [eduroam]
2. Enter your UM account details

Students should login with their i-number as username

For the details, click the screenshot.

3. Accept the certificate by tapping [Accept]

Tap on [Accept]
4. Start Safari on your iPad

Logon using your UM account details via the 'DHCP Admin' page
Your iPad will be registered
As stated in the reply:
Shutdown (reboot) your iPad
After the reboot you can use the network you selected.


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