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There are a lot of things you can do with your iPad. This page gives some information about what you could do to handle a specific task.

We recommend not to use Dropbox, Google Docs, iCloud or other cloud based solutions when dealing with corporate (UM/azM/MUMC) data.

  • FileBrowser, an App that gives you 'Access to Files on Remote Computers', with this tool you can, for example, access UM file shares (payed, 2.99 euro), see the instructions below.
  • Documents To Go, an App that can 'View, Edit & Create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files' (payed, 7.99 euro or Documents To Go Premium, 16.99 euro)
  • iAnnotate PDF, a tool to view and edit pdf files (payed, 7.99 euro)
  • Mendeley, software to organize all of your pdf documents in a personal library (free)
  • Papers, Papers for iPad is a revolutionary and remarkable way to read, organize and share your personal library of research (payed, 11.99 euro)
  • Numbers, Spreadsheet for iPad (payed, 7.99 euro)
  • Pages, Word Processor for iPad (payed, 7.99 euro)
  • Keynote, Presentation tool for iPad (payed, 7.99 euro)

How to connect to an UM share with your iPad
  • Outside Maasnet, the university network, (for example if you are working at home) you will need to have VPN up and running on your iPad.
  • Install FileBrowser on your iPad
  • On a PC running Windows find out (once) the address of the drive you want to connect to
    Select your drive, right mouse button >> properties >> DFS tab, and write down the address
    Example: \\um-fs0004\users_fhs_fhs$\your.name\data

  • On your iPad start FileBrowser and add a new machine
    Enter the drive address you want to connect, and your username
    For security reasons: do not enter your password, leave the option 'On demand' selected

  • Follow the same procedure for projects and organization drives.
    Only, select your organization directory (not the root project L:, but select directory name , in this example: FHS_FHS)
    Add a new machine using this address