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Connect to internet via de UM with a telephone modem

Follow the instructions below step by step

Open the System Preferences.

Click on 'Network'

Select your modem (internal or external) , and click on the PPP tab.

If you like, create a location (I named it 'Thuis', that means 'Home').

Type your UM account name and password. Use the telephone number shown here.

You can use this number when dialing from in and outside the Netherlands.
When dialing outside, the complete number to dial is: 0031877880088. This number can also be used for your mobile telephone.

Select the 'TCP/IP' tab.

Type the DNS server address(es) and the search domain.

Select the 'Modem' tab.

Check your settings with the settings shown here.

Select 'Show modem status in menu bar'.

Click 'Apply Now'

In the menu bar select the modem icon, and select 'Open Internet Connect'.

Click ' Connect'

That's it.

While creating this I was already connected, therefore the image shows 'Disconnect'.

Be sure not to have the sound volume completely turned off. Your modem needs a bit sound to function well.

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