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Setup Mail.app for Maastrichtuniversity use

If you want to use Mail.app, which is part of MacOS X, as your mail client for your Maastrichtuniversity.nl mail account follow the steps below. But if you intend to use more of the functionality of the Exchange mailservers used by the MU, for example the calender/agenda, you could use Entourage (2008). Entourage 2008 is part of Microsoft Office 2008 for MacOS X.

First, open Mail.app and choose 'Preferences' from the Mail menu.

Click on the 'Accounts' tab and type your account information.

You can choose 'IMAP' as the account type.

With this setup, you can read your mail messages, inside and outside an UM building, sending email is possible (connected to Maasnet) inside an UM building. If you want to be able to send email when outside the UM, for example at home, you have to download and install the UM VPN client for MacOS X. After installing, you must first start the VPN client before sending an email with Mail.

'Translate' your own account information according to the example above.

This (above) is how the Advanced tab should look like.

Give the outgoing mailserver a (label)name, 'SMTP MU' is used in the image above. Any other name will work, and type the address and settings as shown. After closing the Accounts window, save the new information.

In order to make use of the Global Address Book list you have to setup LDAP access. Click on the 'Composing' tab in Mail's Preferences, en select the 'Configure LDAP' button.

Configure LDAP access as shown. Replace 's.jobs' with your own accountname.
Again, students should login with their i-number as username.
If you ever change the password for your UM mailbox, you also have to change the password at this place otherwise your mailaccount will be blocked after a few searches in the Address Book via LDAP.

Your MU mailaccount is ready to be used.


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