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Setup Mail.app for use of your Maastrichtuniversity (mail) account.
(for MacOS 10.6, Snow Leopard)

If you want to use Mail.app, which is part of MacOS X, as your mail client for your 'maastrichtuniversity.nl' or 'unimaas.nl' mail account, follow the steps below.

Note that the account type has to be 'Exchange 2007' otherwise using the calendar with iCal and the addresses with Address Book will not work. For both functions, select the according checkbox.
Before using iCal or Address Book with your UM account, finish the setup of Mail.

First, open Mail.app and choose 'Preferences' from the Mail menu.

Click on the 'Accounts' tab and type your account information.
With this setup, (via webmail) reading and sending mail messages, inside and outside an UM building, is possible.
You do not need the UM VPN client for MacOS X.

'Translate' your own Account Information according to the example above.
Students should login with their i-number as username.

Above show the mailbox behaviors.

This (above) is how the Advanced tab should look like.

This (above) is how the Outgoing Mail Server setting should look like for your UM account (Exchange 2007).
No authentication needed.

In order to make use of the Global Address Book list you have to setup LDAP access. Click on the 'Composing' tab in Mail's Preferences, en select the 'Configure LDAP' button.

Configure LDAP access as shown. Replace 's.jobs' with your own accountname.
Again, students should login with their i-number as username.
If you ever change the password for your UM mailbox, you also have to change the password at this place otherwise your mailaccount will be blocked after a few searches in the Address Book via LDAP.

Your MU mailaccount is ready to be used by Mail from 10.6. Yip !


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