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Connect your Mac to wireless UM networks

To connect from MacOS X 10.5 or 10.6 with one of the wireless UM networks.
(UMnet for employees, and Eduroam for students) follow the instructions on this page.

What is eduroam ?
As a student or staff member you have wireless access to a host network within the SURFnet target group using the logon data you use at your own institution.

Look here for the eduroam hotspots in the Netherlands.

System Requirements
You need to run MacOS 10.5 or 10.6.

If AirPort is turned off, turn it on.

In your System Preferences, click on 'Network'. Then click on the 'Advanced' button in the lower right.


UMnet is for UM employees, and Eduroam for Students, so choose the right network name.

In this example we used 'UMnet' to connect to.

1. In the AirPort section, click on the '802.1x' tab.

2. Click on the little '+' sign below left, select 'Add User Profile' (as shown) and give the settings ('configuration') you are creating a name. We called it 'UMnet', but any name is OK.

3. Type your credentials, choose 'UMnet' as the wireless network, and check that the 'PEAP' protocol is selected ('Checkbox on').

4. Click the 'OK' button.

Now click on the tab 'AirPort' in the Network dialog.

Then click on the '+' sign below the Preferred Networks part.


Now you have to link the configuration you created two steps earlier on this page with the network (UMnet), the security protocol and your user information.

Check that you have the same selections as show in the picture on the right. Then click 'Join'.

You connected to UMnet wireless, but untrusted. You can now simply click 'Continue' in the Verify Certificate window.
If the certificate does not appear, click on the lock (in the icon) and then 'advanced'.

Now, start Safari, or any other webbrowser.
The first time you use wireless UMnet your webbrowser will start and you have to register your Mac's ethernetcard hardware address.

Logon with your UM mail accountname and password.

Click 'Accept'.

OK, the registration was successful, so now you can use wireless UMnet.


If the logon page does not show up, you can try to fix this by deleting the DNS entry.
First, quit your webbrowser.
Then, go to: System Preferences - Network - AirPort -Advanced button - DNS tab
Select the address of the DNS server (in the left square) and click on the minus-sign on the lower left.
Start Safari again. The logon page will appear.


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